Mists of Mosney Session 3


The party got word from Avalanche that one of his boys was captured. Nimble had found a route to Mosney and was on his way back when the Monk’s Bandits ambushed him and took him prisoner. Avalanche asks the party to rescue Nimble before the Bandits murder him or get his info.

The reward is a path through the mists, to the promised land of Mosney. Every stalker dreams of making it past the Brain Scorcher radar in Dublin Airport, but no one has made it yet. This could be the start of something big… Between missions, they tooled up with grenades, conibear traps with 300lb of force, one set of night vision goggles and they trained their fighting skill for an additional +5.

The party began by scoping out sites for a more permanent base. Their first site was on the fringes of Bandit territory: the Pumping station opposite Clontarf village and right beside the sea. There was a poisonous mist creeping in from the sea as the party snuck in, finding a firepit, an empty stash and lots of empty Bavaria cans. Visibility was poor. The tag on the wall marked it as the Monk’s territory. The party set to fortifying it against an attack, but out of the fog came 7 bandits who were seeking shelter. The party hightailed it out, figuring they were outnumbered. Disaster struck: Darragh Treacy tripped on the stairs and his new steel-jawed traps jangled against the railings. This alerted the Bandits. MC Geist blew his whistle to draw attention and took a few pellets of buckshot in return which bruised him beneath his new ceramic plates. A few stray pistol rounds clipped Aódhán and Geist until Darragh was able to get out. The party decided to retreat, but MC Geist stayed put to watch the bandits while the others regrouped at the rally point 800m away.

The toxic fog rolled away, replaced by rain. MC (Most Caliphate) Geist began to creep forward to try infiltrate the bandit’s hideout. At great risk to himself, he snuck close and played dead. When a suspicious bandit on watch attempted to loot his body, Geist stabbed him in the dick and muffled his screams. Geist then planted his plastic explosives on the stairs. He was unsure how to detonate it however, and mashed the buttons until a timer read 6 seconds. He ran in panic, and the rest of the party heard thunder rolling across the bay as the explosives went off. He looked back into the rain to see the front of the building blown off, and the bandits inside likely dead or seriously injured. With the party now wet and injured, they set off back to St. Paul’s school to the free stalker camp to rest and gather info.

On the way, they came across the ruins of the CRC building and saw several pings on their PDAs of nearby stalkers. A man named Wolfgang warned them of the rat swarms in the area, and to avoid the burner anomalies which had turned the car parks into an inferno. He also asked for assistance as his group of mercenaries had dwindled from 15 to just 5 thanks to anomalies, bandits and Zone mutants. The party, while initially wary, though they could recruit the Mercs to help rescue Nimble. They triggered 3 large swarms of rats while moving through the ruins, but were able to get to the door of the shelter where Wolfgang met them. They offered them some dogfood from MC Geist’s stash and had a rest. Then they began to formulate a plan to fill the corridor with CO2 from the fire extinguishers, which Darragh knew ought to scare the rats off. Then MC Geist would lure the rats into the burner anomaly field, and the party would mop up the rest.

The plan went flawlessly, but MC Geist tried to hurl a grenade at the Mercs in the shelter. Thankfully this exploded harmlessly short. But something was up with MC Geist – he began talking of epiphanies from god above and to not trust the Mercs as they were aligned with the EU. The Mercs replied they only served their buyer, who asked them to retrieve documents and a device from under St. Pauls.

They got a tip off that the bandits held prisoners in St. Anne’s park in the ruins of the GAA club. Spudgun and Wolfgang’s Mercs closed in on the building, taking positions that would let them approach safely while bringing as much firepower as possible to bear. They popped the sentries posted at the entrance, and closed in to rescue Nimble. From inside, they heard shouts and threats from the bandits. An American voice said the bandits were in over their head, and broke away from he building. Darragh saw a flash of a EU army uniform. At this MC Geist asked his accompanying Bulgarian Merc if he was a religious man. And the Merc replied in a firefight, you pick a god and pray. This sent Most Caliphate Geist into a religious rage and he attempted to slash the Merc with his axe. He missed thankfully, and the merc shot him and began backing up, telling him to drop the axe. Wolfgang ordered his men to drop Geist if her took another step. The Mercs moved to flank Geist, while maintaining overwatch on the last room containing Nimble.

Geist made a break for it, and the Mercs got spooked again. They drilled him with two shots center mass, one hitting him low in the kidneys and taking him out of action. The party had just moments to clear the building and stablise Geist. Darragh and Aódhán simultaneously killed two bandits guarding Nimble, Aódhán with a shot from behind and Darragh through the crumbling walls with a .308 from his rifle. He saw blood running down the two Addidas stripes of his target and knew he got his man.

The party managed to stabilize Geist just as he was on the cusp of death. Nimble himself was in a bad state: much of his teeth smashed out, his fingers broken and his eyes swollen shut. Nevertheless, they had succeeded in their mission, and returned to the free stalker camp in St. Pauls. They brought two prisoners from the raid, and set them free on the condition they left the Zone forever. In return, they received several new rumors about the Bandits and the Clontarf area.


Nimble’s info:

A way to the North, to Mosney –  through the Port Tunnel. Any one traveling that way will need certain items:

Psi-protection to get past the Brain Scorcher at the airport once they escape the tunnel. There are probably labs in the fallen town of Maynooth that could supply either drugs or a replica of the headgear they picked up in St.Pauls. But it would mean fighting whatever caused the town to fall.

Closed cycle breathing on your suit – a gasmask will not be enough to survive the carbon monoxide in the tunnel. Some kind of positive pressure suit will greatly help. The Ecologists in Howth have the best equipment for the purpose.

Some way of sneaking past the SAFE EU special forces or of avoiding the machineguns of the outposts overwatching the M50.

Tunnel schematics – much of them are been sealed off by rubble, crashes and welded shut once mutants made lairs there. But there is always a way around. There could be pockets of clean air – but only a proper site analysis could determine this.

Several days worth of food and a way to transport all this gear without being encumbered. There will need to be a new basecamp set up and a new chain of logistics to supply stalkers heading for Mosney.


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