Stalker Overhead Maps 02

Bull Island ship graveyard – the rotting hulks from the Dublin port evacuation now shelter free stalkers and a trader by the name of Beard. Some zombies from the Brain Scorcher to the North have been spotted on the beach. A half-mad stalker by the name of Noah is building an ark he says will shelter the worthy from a coming flood. Links to Howth at low tide on the easterly point.


Howth Head: The EU-sponsored scientists called the Ecologists were guarded by a platoon of EU military. But a helicopter crash and mutant attacks have left the two scientists Sakharov and VonBruegher alone and under siege.  They are totally lacking communications with the outside world, and a nearby psy-field is making mutants highly aggressive.

Ben of Howth


This the North Dublin faction map as it stands.



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